10 Online Transportation Services in Indonesia, from Go-Jek to Uber

Various modes of application-based transport continue to proliferate in Indonesia and people are increasingly in demand, especially in large cities. Competition over the application-based transportation market is also beginning to be felt in businesses that rely on this ease and practicality.

The following are a number of transportation services via apps that are growing in Indonesia:

Online Transportation Services in Indonesia

10 Online Transportation Services in Indonesia, from Go-Jek to Uber

1. Go-Jek

Corporation This online motorcycle called PT Go-Jek Indonesia has been established since 2010 in Jakarta. Currently, the CEO is chaired by Nadiem Makarim, a young Indonesian man at Harvard Business School, Harvard University, USA.

Go-Jek menstreamline ojek transportation services, send food and, or courier services at affordable mileage-based rates. So far this local company has 10,000 motorcycle rider partners.

All pengsThe vehicle was spread in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali and Makassar.

2. GrabBike

Service this online oak was launched in Jakarta in May 2015. GrabBike is an online ojek service provided by GrabTaxi, a taxi booking transportation service company based on the Malaysian country app.

Operation constellations, using the same pattern as Go-Jek, that is, prospective passengers order ojek through the app. GrabBike applies for a profitable yield of 90% for motorcyclists and 10% for GrabBike.

GrabBike applications can be downloaded in Play Store, iOS and Windows app centers.

3. GrabTaxi

Service these Malaysian taxis started their entry into Indonesia since June 2014. In its operation, GrabTaxi collaborated with several driver partners and taxi companies that are already operating in Jakarta and its surroundings.

GrabTaxi, it is already present in six countries in Southeast Asia namely Malaysia (9 cities), Singapore, Thailand (4), Vietnam (2), Indonesia (3) and the Philippines (4). For Indonesia, GrabTaxi has been present in Jakarta, Padang and Surabaya.

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GrabTaxi application can be downloaded in Play Store, iOS and Windows app centers.

4. Uber

Uber service the transporter has been standing since 2009, and is centered in San Francisco, United States. Uber is present to connect passengers and taxi drivers through the app.

The purpose is make passengers easier to access and give passengers many options. Since its 2009 presentation to date, Uber has been present in hundreds of cities in 59 countries around the world.

For on Indonesia, Uber has been present in Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.

5. Bajaj App

It constitutes a new transportation service application present in Jakarta. Bajaj App was born thanks to the initiation of the DKI Jakarta Land Transport Organization (Organda).

Bajaj App outline the same concept as other online transportation freight booking services. Prospective passengers can order gas-fired blue steeljack (BBG) through the applications.

6. Transject

Transject calling as your “argometer-driven motor taxi and personal courier”.

Transject that Riyandri Tjahjadi and Nusa Ramadhan have been built since September 2012, setting a rate of Rp 4,000 for the first kilometer and then Rp3,000 for each kilometer between next.

7. Wheel Line

Established by Chris Wibawa, Whell Line differs from several similar transport services, where Wheel Line sets prices according to region zones.

With office central to West Jakarta, then a radius of three kilometers from the site is considered as zone one, then three kilometers further as zone two so do so.

8. Bangjek

This ojek service founded by Andri Harsil. The fare applied is Rp4,000 for the first kilometer at a rate of Rp3.4 per meter next.

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In addition to will wifi for free, customers are also provided with hair protective plastics, storage boxes and raincoats.

9. Ojek Syar’i

Established by two students from Surabaya Evilita Adriani and Reza Zamir, ojek syar’i are app-based ojek services on Android smartphones.

Ojek Syar’i forgot the ojek service that women drive and its consumers are Muslim women.

Ojek Syar’i arrest the market gap that Go-jek did not understand as the leader of the app-based ojek ordering market.

10. Blue-Jek

This application official was launched in Jakarta on September 17, 2015 by Michael Manuhutu and Garrett Cartono. Blue-jek’s own name comes from the words ‘blusukan’ and “ojek”.

According to Garret Cartono, currently Blu-Jek already has 1,000 riders. Blu-Jek thrusts 4 services accessible via call center, also via smartphone in both Android and iOS.

Built-in service which are Blu-Rider, Blu-Pick, Blu-Shop and Blu-Menu.

Final Words

Which online transportation service do you use often?

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