5 Jobs That Fit You Fashion Lovers, Come On, Find Out!

Do you have a passion in fashion and hope to have a job in that domain? Then you should know a suitable job, here!

There are several types of jobs in the fashion industry that are very attractive to try out because it has a fairly good career prospect.

Fashion that is part of this creative industry is indeed one of those areas where there is no death and always interesting to explore.

If you do claim to be a fashion lover, then first find out what jobs you can try for you in the following.

Jobs That Fit You Fashion Lovers

5 Jobs That Fit You Fashion Lovers, Come On, Find Out!

1. Fashion designer

Talk one’s the work in the most popular fashion world, certainly the fashion designer that will come to mind first right?

Work that one It is indeed quite popular and the prospect of his career is also very good.

It was pointed out with the many schools or fashion designer courses that have stood in the Fatherland.

As explained right by Indeed, fashion designer has the main task of using her creativity to design fashion in the latest fashion in accordance to its target customers.

A fashion designer can initially work in clothing brands, but usually they will also build their own brands.

As long as it has high creativity and always working hard, this profession must be able to live smoothly.

2. Stylist

Other than fashion designer, stylist is also one of the popular fashion jobs and is loved by many young people.

Main task of the stylist is responsible for giving advice regarding how to dress and blend outfit in various ways.

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In addition the stylist must also be able to determine the dress concept of his client.

That’s the wheezing what in the process of her work, the stylist must also know what her client’s character looks like so as to determine the concept of dressing accordingly.

WiseBread explain that a stylist must also work with the design team up to the photographer to make the client’s appearance visible mesmerizing.

Usually stylist works for a clothing brand company and works to direct the style of the model at photo shoot.

However, now also already many stylists are self-employed and become personal stylists of celebrities or famous figures.

3. Merchandiser

Merchandiser forget one of the fashion jobs that is deeply related to business. Without a merchandiser then fashion products would be difficult to recognize and sell to consumers.

Merchandiser have the responsibility to ensure fashion products are always available in stores with the right amount and price.

Not only that alone, they also need to prepare marketing strategies for products whether it’s offline (in the store) or online.

A merchandiser could work with designers to produce fashion products that appeal to customers so that sales could increase.

4. Garment technologist

Work in field this one’s ion may still not be very popular. However, the garment technologist became one of the important jobs in the fashion industry.

Streamed from Drapers Jobs, the garment technologist is an innovative work because it is responsible in the development of materials through combination testing of yarn, textiles, and fibers.

So, in the process of pecking his nickname, a garment technologist had to do research to look for materials that could be used in fashion product manufacturing.

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They also have to work equals a fashion designer to determine the most suitable material used for making clothes.

5. Market researcher

Make it your own strong analytical ability, then could try this one profession.

Existence of market researcher inside the fashion industry is very important. The reason is, without this profession then fashion designer will not know what fashion trends are desired by consumers.

As is explained by The Balance Careers, the market researcher has a key task of studying the fashion market and search knows what kind of clothes, shoes, or accessories consumers want.

They also have to analyzes the target market and knows its purchasing power.

It doesn’t just have to be a know about fashion, market researcher should also be able to read data, analyze it, then represent its findings to manufacturers and fashion designers.

Final Words

After finding out what kinds of jobs are for the above fashion lovers, are you interested in any of them?

If you’re interested in trying it, let’s find a fashion field job opportunity immediately!

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