5 Promising Industries in Indonesia

Whether you’re an expatriate or a local citizen, often we don’t know in which industry is good to invest.

While the general term ‘investing’ does not necessarily mean investing money, it can also mean investing in learning new skills to improve careers in the modern working world.

Nevertheless, there are a great number of promising industries in Indonesia — from traditional ones such as textiles, trading, manufacturing, up to more complex, technical ones such as information systems, media, and engineering.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of places so you can compare the best industries in Indonesia — so you will not make any miscalculation related to where you invest money, time, or energy.

Promising Industries

5 Promising Industries in Indonesia

1. Oil and Gas Industry

This list of promising industries in Indonesia would not be complete without this first.

Because Indonesia has enormous energy sources — especially oil because it is located in island countries with vast oceans — oil and gas industries are listed as one of the most profitable industries to invest in.

Lack of local resources (e.g. chemists, oiling) leaves the industry open outsourced human resources.

In addition, Indonesia includes densely populated countries, daily consumption of fuel for various tools transportation increasingly underscores the reason the oil industry is becoming the gold mine that certain communities want.

2. Maritime Industry

More than half Indonesia’s region is an ocean, but development over the past two or three decades has been focused on land. It is not until recently that we realize the importance of our oceans.

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Supported by government, investors are now working with industry leaders to maximize the potential of the nation’s maritime industry to maximize these unseen aspects.

It is also peddling be cited by the maritime industry as a prominent investment field.

In the years of coming up, this field will be one of the most promising subjects — because we’re not just talking about current environmental benefits such as fisheries and tourism, fire is also the sustainability of energy plants, marine transportation, as well as oil production and processing.

2. Tech Industry

With lots startups that emerge every year — and some of them are successfully crowned unicorns — there is no doubt that the technology industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia.

Partly for address the main problems of the fourth industrial revolution, but in part also to enhance the nation’s competitiveness globally.

As a instead, healthy competition often occurs between new and old startups in answering the most innovative and efficient methods to address problems.

In addition, industrial technology can be applied not only to itself, but also to diverse other industries such as education and manufacturing.

That way many requests and few technical talents, there is always room for improvement in this area.

3. Tobacco & Cigarette Industry

Active smokers are more dominant di city and countryside. This is why the tobacco & cigarette industry has always grown rapidly in the homeland, despite various regulations and health weaknesses.

Good in urban environments as well as in the countryside, cigarettes are often available and in just minutes reach its consumers.

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Paired with daily consumption of these general commodities, it is no wonder that the tobacco industry makes it one of the most prominent areas to invest in.

With high demand — and likely to increase in the coming years, it is clear how big the tobacco industry in Indonesia really is.

So, if you want to invest money or energy into this industry, most likely you made the right choice.

4. Tourism Industry

To say that Indonesia has a lot of natural beauty as an attraction is a not-so-exaggerated statement.

Because of that, many tourism agencies have sprung up in recent years, in hopes of selling sightseeing and tour services well to loc tourist as well as the countryside.

Besides, tropical Indonesian climate, many international tourism companies often mention Indonesia in the top list of mandatory visits they are.

By investing in this field, investors will not only benefit, but they will also boost the industry further — which make them get more profit in return.

Overall, the industry is a win-win cycle for investors and shareholders themselves.

5. Agriculture Industry

Many societies living in rural Indonesia still chooses traditional agricultural activities as their main source of income — especially in areas far from big cities like Jakarta.

although this matter is attention because it is very difficult for those people to have a better quality of life, the agricultural industry has made much room for improvement — especially those related to the overall majesty of technology-based activities.

For example drones for plant fertilizer, crop yield prediction using machine learning, as well as plant disease identification using artificial intelligence.

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Therefore, give invest throughout this field will benefit both those struggling in the field and investors — provided investors are aware of ways to implement the above.

Final Words

According to us, here are five promising industries in Indonesia to invest. However, there are more industries that have great potential to skyrocket in the coming years.

Referring to this list, you can have greater insight than we have discussed in this article.

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