6 Manufacturing Industries in Indonesia

The manufacturing industry is a production process of an industrial branch that works using modern equipment.

Modern tools are sophisticated machines and have directed manufacturing management for the process of transformation ingredients the default goes well to the extent that it can produce goods so it’s high value and worth selling.

In Indonesia itself, the manufacturing industry is well established. Manufacturing companies could be referred to as main support major industrial development in a country, including Indonesia.

The presence of emerging manufacturing industries in a country could also be used to see developments the industry in the country.

Examples of Manufacturing Companies or Industries

6 Manufacturing Industries in Indonesia

1. Textile Corporation

Textile company most widely operated in Indonesia, the textile industry also absorbs a lot of labor.

In addition, industry this could also be referred to as a labor-intensive industry because in its production, the company does a lot of process ranging from processing wood fibers, cotton to the fur of sheeplike animals.

Such processing processes produce only products of thread. Further, from the yarn to be reprocessed into the raw material of fabric.

Textile company themselves using engineering technology and those processes are what engineering technology is because in the process must use a machine or production tool.

2. Garmen Corporation

be unfamiliar with the hanger, this company could be referred to as downstream of the textile industry. So need each other.

Textile industry the aloe is commonly referred to as the upstream industry. Just like the textile industry, garment companies are also wrong one labor-intensive industry.

Why? Because this company also helps many government programs to reduce unemployment in Indonesia.

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As for inside the garment industry focuses on processing cloth into production items or other items, e.g. clothes or fashion.

Main tools that paling is needed and most often used in the industry is sewing machines.

3. Automotive Corporation

For industry examples manufacturing this one is one example of a company that runs all production processes using high technology, namely automotive companies.

High-tech call consisting of tools or machines used. Although it already uses advanced equipment, the company also needs human power.

Automotive company also absorb a lot of labor such as textile and garment companies i.e. from the production process to the sales process.

4. Electronics Industry

Same goes for company automotive, electronics companies are also examples of manufacturing companies because they have characteristics, processes to process materials that are not much different from automotive industries.

Even within users its technology also still relies on machinery, design to raw materials from overseas.

5. Craft Products Corporation

Craft companies are often forming small to medium-sized businesses can have a considerable influence on Indonesia’s economic development.

Craft products company also have frequent eye-to-eye glances. In fact, the foreign exchange value generated from the industry is considerable.

Why does such a thing terse in one’s own country? Because most of these produce is consumed or exported overseas.

For its production process by self, the industry usually takes materials of many types including those of a secondhand and environmentally friendly nature.

That way, this business is cost efficient because raw materials are cheap yet could produce goods so or new products with more value on their appearance.

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6. Household Utilities Industry

For example of manufacturing company in the household goods industrial actually has many types.

Ranging from small to y scale large-scale ang. Call it like making plates, glasses, spoons and so on that goes into the industry small- or medium-scale manufacturing.

There is also a home industry stairs whose scale is larger like furniture companies and other interior utilities.


In addition to benefiting the corporate side, the manufacturing industry could also benefit many parties such as the society selected into the workforce so that it could reduce the number of unemployed.

The utilization of natural resources in Indonesia can make it of high value to export overseas until it can boost the country’s economy.

As for those successes and advantages on the contrary there must be a good team of corporate organization and management.

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