6 Things You Must Have When Competitive in the Work Industry

The competition of the industrial world in this country will not advance when Human Resources (SDM) is difficult to develop.

The accelerating technological progress must be balanced with the level of creativity and ability of the community in utilize Science and Technology (IPTEK).

This triggered intense competition in the employment screening process that demanded that the community meethas high competitive selling value to be able to survive and continue to grow in his career.

Modelled education alone, it’s not enough to be your box to compete with other office colleagues.

Therefore, one must have some of the following expertise to improve the industrial sector in Indonesia as well as their selling value while plunging into the world of work.

Competitive in the Work Industry

6 Things You Must Have When Competitive in the Work Industry

1. Business Capabilities

It cannot be denied, businesses are becoming the main target of millennials today. They flocked to compete opening the venture according to his interest.

Those of you who are new to it the intention to open one’s own business, it is best to first determine what kind of business it is, then what amount of capital would be if it were going to come out, as well as what the target market is.

Not to miss, thinking about the sales location. This point becomes a very important starting ground and you should think about it before opening a business.

2. Creativity and Uniqueness

Modelled money and into shortcuts alone are not enough. You should have thoughts that are “out of the box” as well as creative. Never be lazy to figure out trend this as well as competitors who are mid-meeting.

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Open thinking and want accept advice as well as critically become the most important thing that determines whether a person’s business progresses. Don’t be glued to one idea, look for an inovathe different and not to be afraid to run it.

3. Understanding the Digital World

The demands of the working world that It used to be a physical object. Now it’s turning into a virtual or digital.

Study gradually bas to the pattern of employment competition in the digital industry, ranging from the emergence of e-commerce to the e-mall that Now it’s getting more and more discussed.

Increasingly technology demand you to keep up to date in knowledge and should not stop looking for other information. Moreover, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can become new fields for self-promotion, advertising, to business competition.

4. Do Not Be Feared of Speaking

As you plunge in worked this right moment to think in a “tough way”. When there is an idea, idea, or pendency that if it were different and unique it would be best to go ahead.

be not up to the idea taken by coworkers because you are reluctant or embarrassed to express it. About others receiving or not, it is a second affair, most importantly you have contributed to the company.

5. Active on Social Networks

Besides being active in this world, you can utilize social media as an interaction space and expand the network.

Make use of this land as positive events of opinion and creativity, such as creating short-to-opinion videos through social media.

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convey in a t way expose without containing SARA elements. This way can entice many to get to know and consider the future you.

6. Selecting the Type of Business that Precisely

Before opening a business, there was well you know what kind of effort you want to build. Define interest and passion first.

If you already understand what it is aiming for the goal, you can take training programs, seminars, workshops, or special classes that study business about business. All sales strategies and everything you learn can be a provocation when opening a business, especially local products.

How too, you should compete with global industries to peddle all kinds of local products of quality that are no less than that of the country neighbors.


Did You Know? The Ministry of Industry has an industrial vocational education program? This program aims to produce skilled labor, to encourage people to have high competitiveness to help improve the industrial and economic sectors in Indonesia.

It’s a solution for those who need education as a provocation when they jump into work later. Here, prospective workers are equipped with education, certified, and placed in the industrial world that corresponds to their respective passions.

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