7 Examples of Household Industries That Could Be Business Ideas

The home industry or home industry is indeed included in the scale of micro enterprises. Even so, the industry has supported an overwhelming number of families and has also contributed greatly to meeting the needs of the people.

Before jumping into the industry, know understanding and various examples!

What Is the Household Industry?

The household industry is a production activity carried out in individual homes rather than in factories. Generally this business falls into the micro scale so it falls also into the UMKM category.

Generally the industry uses tools that are not very complicated in its production process and usually consist of only 1-4 people.

Surely there are many businesses in the industry and could be one of the business options with not very large capital.

Example of Household Industry for Business

7 Examples of Household Industries That Could Be Business Ideas

Want to try business in this industry? Here are some business ideas that could be tried:

1. Convection

Examples that first is a convection business that is present to meet the needs of the sands. It should also be noted that the scale of this convection business is diverse.

Not as complicated as the tailors who started the home industry convection business.

2. Laundry

Next is a service business that can be carried out at home, which is laundry. This one’s business is indeed beyond doubt because its demand in society is also quite high.

General laundry charged a kilo rate, but there are also unit ones for certain types of clothes. Complicated clothes wash process like suits and wedding dresses usually calculated at unit rates.

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3. Door and Window Cushions

Business door and window cushions is generally made of wood. It is also usually produced in home businesses.

Although there are now many which uses other materials such as light steel and aluminum, but lovers of wooden doors and windows is still a lot.

In addition, a hinged door The wood base is also considered more durable, but certainly this also depends on the type of wood used.

4. Furniture

In addition to being processed into doors and windows, wood can also be processed into furniture or furniture. the price of furniture made of wood that has a variable price, depending on the type of wood used.

The better the wood then will get more expensive because the price usually determines the durability of such wood. The products is covers tables, chairs, closets, and more.

5. Electronic Servicing

Example of home industry the ladder subsequently returned to the field of services. Indeed, the damaged electronic device should not be discarded immediately, but it should be taken to the service place so that the exact condition is known.

Electronic servicing this helps society not to be wasteful in the use of electronic devices because as we know the price of electronic devices can also be said not to be cheap.

6. Sell Tofu and Tempe

Tofu and tempe are one of Indonesia’s signature foods which until now has very high popularity in society. These foods made from soybeans are also commonly produced in the home industry.

Typically manufacturer tahu also manufacture temps because both have the same raw materials, but there are also ones that focus only on one of them.

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7. Souvenirs

This souvenir there are an awful lot of kinds. Generally souvenirs are sold in tourist areas as a by-by. There are also souvenirs made especially for wedding events.

Usually the venue for the wedding is changing its type following the trend, but some that never get out of date are like totebag, pouch, key chain, and more.


A wealth of information on the understanding and examples of the household industry. There is nothing wrong with starting a business from home and starting on a small scale first.

This kind of business can also be profitable as long as it is lived with seriousness.

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