7 Inspiration of Small Capital Industry Home Culinary Business

Starting a culinary venture by running a home or home industry business could be a solution for those of you who want to have extra income without having to spend too much capital.

Home industry typically uses tools already available at home, therefore you can start this business immediately.

Choice of Home Industry Business Ideas

7 Inspiration of Small Capital Industry Home Culinary Business

There is a wide selection of culinary endeavors for home industry, however you could start by producing traditional snacks that could last a long time. Here’s some culinary venture ideas for you:

1. Cassava Chips

From small stall until the shopping mall is big, snacks this one can easily meet. That’s why, making cassava chips is the home industry culinary venture idea you deserve to try.

Keri manufacturing material even cassava pic tends to be easy to get at an affordable price.

At the price of cassava per kilo which is not more than Rp10,000,- You can produce up to 30-40 packs of medium-sized cassava chips. The seasoning of cassava chips is also classified as simple.

2. Spicy Macaroni

Many Indonesian that likes spicy food, no wonder this one snack was once popular. The main ingredients of spicy macaroni are raw macaroni that many kilos sell on the market and its spicy powder seasoning.

How to make it pun very easily, you just stay frying macaroni and then sprinkle the spicy seasoning evenly.

Once it’s cold, the macaroni spicy then wrapped inside the plastic. If you want to make the spicy level different, you just adjust the amount of spicy seasoning use on the macaroni.

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3. Abon Catfish

If you lebih often heard of processed beef abon or tuna abon, now you can try to cultivate lees to be used as abon.

How to make abon catfish are actually the same as making other processed abon, you need to clean the lees first, then fry them to dry. After that, mash the meat lees until smooth.

Don’t forget soak the catfish with lime, salt, and spicy seasoning before processing to make the catfish meat taste even more savory.

4. Sale Banana

Sale banana is suitable for home manufacturing because the manufacture is easy and has many interested parties.

Plus, you don’t need to be confused looking for ingredients for making banana sales because it could use almost any kind of banana.

Sale banana yang fit to be a friend to drink this tea can also last quite a while if kept well.

5. Peyek

Peyek nut there is a typical snack in Indonesia. This crispy snack with bean sprinkles is often served as a companion to rice peck, soto, or rawon. Even served without any other menu, bean peeks can still be enjoyed.

Ingredients that used to make peeks of beans are rice flour, coconut cream, egg yolk, orange leaves and nuts.

While seasoning spices such as garlic, basil, and onions will enrich the flavor of bean peeks. Easy to make, bean curd is a snack you can make home industrially.

6. Crispy Mushrooms

Process crispy mushrooms is also widely found made by home industries. The taste of dry processed crispy mushrooms similar to crackers is suitable for your main meal companion menu.

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Derived materials is not difficult to make it, you only need flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, garlic, salt and basil.

7. Banana Chips

Pick that banana the texture is not too soft to make banana chips. Slice banana thinly, soak it with salt, then fry it with hot oil.

Banana chips exist it’s a snack that everyone loves. The manufacturing capital is also classified as cheap.

Final Words

So, are you already interested in starting a home industry venture?

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