7 Types of Creative Industries Educated to Make High Money

Creative industries are Industries that focus on the creation of goods and services by relying on expertise, talent and creativity as intellectual property and becoming an inseparable part of the creative economy.

In the Central Java Province Disperindag website, the creative industry is certainly a creative economy. This is because within every creative industry there is always a process of creation.

The following types of creative industries are reported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy website:

Types of Creative Industries

Types of Creative Industries

1. Advertising

Advertising is still the most efficient medium for publicizing products and services.

This industry potential is beyond doubt.

Growth be national advertising can reach 5-7% every year.

Advertising also have soft power that plays a role in shaping consumption patterns, thinking patterns, and people’s living patterns.

2. Architecture

Role of architecture in Indonesia is very important. In terms of culture, the diversity of local architecture and the area shows the character of the Indonesian Nation has diverse cultures.

Whereas in things of development, architecture also plays a role in designing the foundation of development a city.

3. Art Goods

Art goods link to the trade in the original goods of an area, unique, and rare. In addition it has high artistic aesthetic value through auctions and galleries.

Art good the form of musical instruments, crafts, movies, fine arts, and paintings.

4. Crafts Kriya

Kriya Crafts covering all wood, metal, leather, glass, ceramics, and textiles. Availability of abundant raw material materials and creativity of industry operators became the major factor of this craft.

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Indonesian has many kriya art performers who are creative and skilled in business. His creative businesses are diverse too.

Many of they managed to market its products all the way to overseas markets.

Products Kriya Indonesian is famous for its hand made concept, and uses this as an added value so that it can be marketed at a higher price.

5. Product Design

With population dominated by productive age, the potential for interaction between industry and market participants is enormous.

Plus people and the market now have an appreciation of quality products.

Jug product design is supported by industry players who have reliable craft man shift.

The product designers was able to excavate and foster local wisdom, Indonesia’s diverse cultural wealth, in each of his works.

6. Fashion

Trend fashion change quickly. Within a matter of months, a new fashion fashion emerged.

It doesn’t come off the productivity of innovative local fashion designers designing new model clothes, and the emergence of a creative young generation enthusiastic with this fashion industry.

Local fashion still being a stepchild, the market prioritizes its space for imported products, so local fashion is less gaining ground.

Whereas challenge another no less important one is the synergy of industries upstream to downstream, ranging from textile/garment factories, fashion designers, to market affairs.

7. Film, Video, and Photography

The type of film creative industry, animation, and video has potential that could be developed for the better, even though it still has to meet various challenges.

Some of these are is the primary school that really has expertise in film, so the choice to acquire teams from directors, screenwriters, crew, and film performers, limited.

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For photography, develop it’s nothing short of the many younger generations who are enthusiastic about studying photography. Not a few of them then decided to go into this field a professional.

The public also gave an appreciation positive of the photographic world.

Currently, there has been no HKI protection especially for the right to use photographic works. In addition, there has been no filing of Indonesian photographic works.

Final Words

So guys, have you been able to understand this kind of creative industry?

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